Pomodori Pelati

Flying though the darkness
Soaring upon a wicked drunkenness
She throws herself upon the bench
Amongst the dinner’s midnight stench
Meets my gaze to hypnotize
And fucks me with her eyes

Staggering blindly towards her embrace
A stupefied smile stretches my blissed-out face
Her hand timidly reaches to my waist then nests
My hands wander gleefully toward her breasts
I feel the glow in her valley of venus

Passion suddenly flies in all it’s freeness
She clamps firmly with inner thighs
Crushing my kneecap with outward sighs
Grabbing her shoulders as I fall
Down past cupboards on the wall

We crash down to the kitchen floor
No longer can we ignore

The steamy haze

Our lips ablaze

No moment like this could you possibly miss

We kiss

A cocktail of saliva, malibu, gin, tequila, pineapple and cigarettes
A feast of fervour in devilish sets