My daughter


what enchantment

have we conjured

a spectacle

a pirouette

a marvel alive

how can this entity

be so dainty

yet looming

in my viewpoint

this profundity of persona

where will it lead?

to traverse this land

its denizens

its quintessence

of things both familiar and unfamiliar

I am both


and uneasy

one day

you’ll metamorphose

into someone’s cherished

a voyager

a provocateur

a joy

and a pang

but how can one

so adored

be allowed to succumb to corruption

in this realm

who will fortify you

on this odyssey of existence

if not for your enduring resolve

your spirit

and sagacious discernment

as your originator

I can’t fathom

what the future might unveil

but for you

I wish and bestow

a life filled with




all enfolded in love