In the dance of glances, their eyes intertwine,

He hungers for the secrets unseen, craving more.

Her voice, a revelation,
He savours the melody, yearning for more.

Alone, he’s immersed in her lingering essence,
He relishes the touch, hungry for more.

Her embrace, a cocoon,
He treasures her nearness, longing for more.

A shared kiss,
He revels in her flavour, craving more.

In the union of love,
He finds solace within,
Yet hungers for more.

In a letter, her words a gentle caress,
He delights in expressions, longing for more.

Reunited in an ardent embrace,
He plants his essence within,
Still, yearning for more.

She confides,
“A piece of you dwells within, forging eternal bonds.”
Yet, he craves more.

Desiring every hidden part,
Unseen facets,
Always, there is more.